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Welcome to Bites N Melts! We have created a menu of delicious and Exciting varieties of food, from endless mouth watering desserts to tasty savoury dishes. We believe we have combined sweet and savoury together to give you a unique and flavoursome mix. At Bites n Melts there will be something for everyone!!

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Westwickham Kent


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Our Products

Cookie Carnival

Cookies & cream ice cream (3 scoops) served with real oreo biscuits, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, chocolate strands, florentine wafers and a vivaldi cigar wafer.

Sweet Lovely

Mouth watering fruit sorbets(3 scoops) served with fresh cocktail mango & kiwi sauces florentine wafers & vivaldi cigar wafer.

Ferrero Fantasy

Spoil yourself with an amazing blend of ferrero rocher, hazelnut & chocolate Ice cream ( 3 scoops) served with Chocolate & caramel sauce, ferrero rocher pieces, chopped nuts, whipped cream, florentine wafers & a vivaldi cigar wafer

Coco Ripple

Lovely coconut raspberry ripple & pistachio ice cream ( 3 scoops ) served with raspberry saurce, whipped cream, coconut shavings, Bounty pieces, chocolate fan wafers, & a vivaldi cigar wafer

Cheese Cakes

Finely blended cheese cakes, with a choice of classic vanilla, cookie dough, strawberry with white chocolate or caramel/toffee with profiterole.

Fresh Cream Cakes

Delicious range of sponge cakes covered with strawberry. pistachio, pineapple, vanilla or chocolate cream.

Cake Combo's

Cake served with one sauce (hot fudge, nutella, maple, coffee, caramel, milk chocolate, or white chocolate )

Berry Extraordinary

Strawberry & raspberry ice cream (2 scoops) fresh strawberries & blueberries, with strawberry sauce & crushed waffle biscuit.